Asklepeion Self-Healing Retreat Weekend

Thursday, September 03, 2020 - Monday, September 07, 2020
05:00 PM - 11:00 AM
Private home in Surry, Virginia, United States
Meadowlark Lane, Surry, VA, USA

"Rejuvenate & Nourish ~ Sleep Away Camp for the Soul"

Enhance your healing journey by learning to release the outdated ownership of disease and wounding. Follow your ascension path with renewed understanding.


The retreat begins the evening of September 3rd and ends the morning of September 7th, 2020. (optional reiki level 1 class September 7th, see below)

This will be a retreat of healing ourselves through dream interpretation, energy work, channeled sound, plant medicine, and connection to the 5 elements. Many events are planned for this retreat, which will be held at my home in Surry, Virginia.

In the times of Ancient Greece, people traveled far and wide to receive healing in asklepeions, sacred temples that incorporated a series of rituals to bring clarity to the person in search of better health. Steps in purification, emotional catharsis, exercise, connection to the elements, and healing in the dreamstate were each taken to assist participants in understanding their unique and individual "medicine". Dreamwork was prepared for by the inclusion of abatons ~ sacred dream sanctuaries designed to enhance the experience for each person and bring awareness back with them into waking life.

We will be together at my private home in Surry, Virginia, U.S. The property is 3 acres located atop a cliff overlooking a wide expanse of the James River where we will have access to a quiet river beach.

Due to the sanctity of this event and its work, much of what we will be doing cannot be published here. If you have any specific questions or would like to have more detail provided to you, please contact me directly.

We will be working with several powerful deities who have asked to be of service to us during this time together. Please keep an open and respectful mind towards this approach as it will allow you to better access what it is that is calling you to attend. All is done in Highest Light.

Many animals live on the premises, both indoors and out. They are each doing sacred work for the temple and are respected for their contributions. If you have allergies or an aversion to animals, this will be worth considering before you attend.

The schedule is as follows, beginning Thursday, September 3rd at 5pm:

Thursday evening ~ Meet & greet and settling in.

Friday morning workshop~ Calling in the serpents. This is an integral piece to the asklepeion work, and while not required, participation in this workshop is highly recommended. However, those wishing not to attend this portion due to an aversion to snakes will still have a great deal of energies working to assist them throughout the week.

Friday afternoon workshop ~ Energy healing class for Self and others with alchemy. Light Language activation and teachings for healing purposes. Balancing and emotional release through the chakras.

Saturday ~ Sacred water ceremony and day trip to local nature preserve on the ocean for a water blessing and remembrance of the healing properties and memory of water. Picnic to follow.

Sunday workshop ~ Working consciously with our allies, the herbs, astrological planetary influences, and the crystal kingdom. Divination practices for personal healing.

Sunday evening ~ Integration and recap of the week.

Monday ~ Return home. (Or stay to participate in reiki level 1)

Provided to you:

*Sleeping arrangements in the abatons each night (there will be 2-3 large canvas bell shaped tents erected outside, so small groups of 1-3 people per abaton, divided by gender). Abatons are anchored directly onto the ground and prepared especially for dreamwork. There is room to stand within them.

*Twin sized foam mattress for each person

*Meals for the retreat. Vegetarian and gluten free - simple and fresh to support purification and anchoring of the energies.

*Binder including worksheets and learning material for each workshop

*Access to an extensive library of esoteric books and texts in my home

*Evening fire ceremonies

*Daily workshops and engagement with nature (see schedule)

*Walks to the river beach each morning before workshops commence

*Private outdoor shower with hot water (and use of indoor shower if preferred)

*Indoor and private outdoor toilet facilities (think getting back to nature)

*Cost is $441.00 plus registration fees*

*One full day class for Usui Reiki level 1 will be available to attend on September 7th at my home. Includes meditation, attunement, and study of the reiki energy. How to consciously work with reiki on yourself and others (including animals). You will receive class handouts, student manual, and certificate of completion. Cost is $144.00 plus registration fees.

There is availability for 6 people. Upon registration, I will send you details on what to bring with you and how to prepare for our time together. I look forward to this incredible experience we will share! Love & Light


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